Make money by simply driving your car

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Access thousands of independent local advertisers ready to pay you to drive

How it works

Here's the premise of getting paid to drive: Companies are currently seeking people -- regular citizens, not professional drivers -- to go about their normal routine as they usually do, only with a big ad plastered on their car. The ads are typically vinyl decals, also known as wraps, that almost seem to be painted on the vehicle, and which often cover a large portion of the car's exterior surface. The car owner is then compensated, usually a few hundred dollars per month, which is essentially a "rental" payment for letting the company use that space. We offer an online marketplace to connect drivers with advertisers.

Get Paid To Drive

Vehicle advertising is the hottest form of outdoor advertising available, and provides an affordable way for all types of business to advertise. The vehicles can be fully wrapped in advertisements, but there are cheaper alternatives such as half wraps, rear window advertisements or magnetic signs on the side doors. This form of advertisement acts like a moving billboard and reminds customers of the service, retail store or product that the business is promoting.

How Much Do Drivers Make?

Payments vary depending on the campaign and the size of the advert along with other factors such as your location, model and age of car, mileage driven, etc. Payments are made for each completed month that you advertise. Please join our marketplace for more details.

I was stuck in traffic one day and thought, 'Wow, all these cars look really boring,' says Ann Jonson, 31, a former marketing executive who started DrivesForCash in New York "I'd read where outdoor-advertising space was so scarce and the demand was growing, and I thought - The car is the last form of available real estate out there so I wanted to develop a market place to match buyers and sellers much like Google does with AdSense, but for car advertisements

Ann Jonson - Co-Founder

I needed the money for school, so I joined when I saw this on my Facebook. When I got a call from - I was psyched! It's been a great experience so far. Believe it or not this makes driving fun for me. I love the attention I get from people everywhere I drive!

Carrie Smith - Driver

Here Is What You Need To Qualify...

Our drivers must have the following

Own Car - 18 years or older with a valid driver's license

Active Insurance - Must have minimum auto liability coverage

Safety - Clean driving record for the past 3 years

Active Driver - Must drive or park in highly populated areas

Access thousands of independent local advertisers ready to pay you to drive